Hidden Danger Calorie Foods

 A lot of people I train and work with just can’t understand why they are able to lose weight more quickly. It’s 1 thing if you eat a load of high fat, processed foods and drink every night. But if you are genuinely trying to eat healthily and still can’t shift the pounds what else can you do?


For weight loss, I recommend women eat around 1250 calories a day, and men 1500. This means you get enough calories, plenty of nutrition whilst still keeping the calories low enough to shift the pounds quickly. It’s one thing thinking you are sticking to this and quite another actually doing it.


I often find people who genuinely think they are consuming 1250 calories are in fact consuming 1750/2000 or even more. This is not because they are purposely cheating, it’s because they don’t count EVERYTHING they are consuming and therefore end up with a false total. Here are the most common hidden danger calorie foods;


1/ Oil/ Butter – 100 calories per tablespoon of either. So you could cook a perfectly healthy chicken stir fry but add an extra 300 calories to it with a big glug of oil.


2/ Marmalades, jams, etc. Full of sugar and full of calories. Always check the label to see how many calories you are taking in per serving.


3/ Cheese – I find a lot of people will ‘have a bit of cheese’ as a snack. A slice of cheese is 100 calories on its own. Steer clear.


4/ Nuts/seeds – Firstly these are healthy fats, yes. But they are also highly calorific. A 30g handful of mixed nuts is over 200 calories. Wow.


5/ Dark Chocolate – Again, it does have health … Read more->

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Skin On Or Off?

Which foods should you eat with the skin on, and with which foods should you remove the skin before eating them? The answer to this question definitely varies depending on what you are eating, so I will break it down into 3 categories;

1/ Fruits and Vegetables

As a rule, a lot of the goodness in fruits and vegetables is in the skin. (Obviously i’m just talking about soft skin fruits such as apples and pears, i’m not suggesting you eat the skin on a melon or kiwi!) So you miss out on a lot of the vitamins, minerals, fibre, etc if you don’t eat the skin.

That being said the skin is the part of the fruit that is most exposed to any pesticides and chemicals that are used on them. So where possible buy organic to avoid this, but if not at least make sure they get a really good wash.

2/ Meat

Skin from meat such as chicken or turkey is very high in fat, and therefore also high in calories. Not just fat, it’s saturated fat that is very bad for your health. And on top of this there is no nutritional value to the skin, i.e. no nutrients that your body can use. So from a health and weight management perspective, meat skin is a definite no-no.

3/ Fish

Skin on fish is perhaps the most controversial area. Firstly, as with fruits and vegetables, there is a lot of goodness in the skin. Particularly in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel. A lot of the omega 3′s are in or just underneath the skin.

However a lot of the fat is also in or just underneath the skin, which means eating it will increase the calorific value of your meal.

So if you are trying to cut calories and lose weight I would … Read more->

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3 ‘FatBoy’ Foods

I call these ‘fatboy foods’ because they are some of the foods that packed on the pounds for me and led to me getting the name ‘fatboy bowman’ at school. And as you will see when you discover what they are they are not the obvious foods at all.


1/ ‘Low Fat’ Yogurts

So called low fat or low calorie yogurts are anything but what they claim. I mean the flavoured yogurts, low fat natural and greek yogurt is fine. If they claim to be low fat, they may be high in sugar. If they claim to be low calorie they may be high in fat. But you can be sure that they are full of nasty, preservatives and additives that will slow your metabolism and make your body cling onto fat.


2/ Tomato Ketchup

You wouldn’t believe how many calories could be in a small portion of tomato ketchup. Incidentally the same is true of other condiments such as mayonnaise. You could be eating a perfectly healthy, low in fat and calories meal and totally wreck it by putting a blob of tomato ketchup on the side. Don’t fall in this trap – just because you don’t eat that much of it doesn’t mean it can’t do damage.


3/ Diet Cola

Any kind of reduced calorie soda or cola is full of junk. Sweeteners, e-numbers, modified substances, anything nasty and you can bet its in there. So just because the calories are low does not mean it won’t make you gain weight. These nasty substances stop your metabolism dead in its tracks.


Today’s Takeaway – Its not always the obvious foods you need to be careful with. Small mistakes can make a massive difference to your fat loss results (or lack there of).… Read more->



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Will Eating Fats Make You Fat?

When I put together meal plans and healthy foods for people to eat that will help them lose weight I recommend they eat ‘fats.’ People often seem quite surprised that I recommend foods such as avocados, nuts, and seeds as part of a fat loss plan.


We all know that certain fats are healthy, but will they still lead to you putting on weight or failure to lose it if you eat them?


Fats are an absolutely essential part of someone’s diet when trying to lose weight. Without it your body is unable to perform many absolutely vital functions as efficiently. These functions include absorbing vitamins and minerals into the body, building body tissues and cells, and regulating blood sugar levels.


If you are not eating healthy fats, your body cannot perform the essential functions highlighted above as effectively. Therefore you do not burn fat and calories as fast as you should be.


Clearly there is a balance to be struck here. Fats are generally fairly calorie dense foods, so you need to be careful how much you consume to ensure you are not clocking up too many calories. With nuts or seeds, a portion that fits in the palm of your hand is a good guide.


Needless to say I am only talking about healthy fats here. Fats such as vegetable oil, biscuits, chocolates, etc are not required by your body and will lead to weight gain.


Today’s Takeaway – Fats are an essential nutrient to the body. Cut them out and your are setting yourself up for a plummeting metabolism.… Read more->

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